Pension Healthcheck

Pension Health Check – review service

Everyone’s circumstances change during his or her lifetime, some planned, others enforced. With these changing needs and desires comes the constant necessity to ensure ones financial affairs are in order.

It is important that you make arrangements to ensure your pension remains on track to meet your needs in retirement.

A review of your scheme will clarify:

• The current value of your pension fund
• An idea of the potential benefits available at your selected retirement date
• How you can achieve the pension you need at retirement
• Is your current pension fund performing
• How much tax free cash will be available at retirement
• How much are you paying in charges and does your plan have competitive charges
• How you can protect your income in retirement against inflation
• How contributions could be protected in the event of illness or injury

How to utilse your ISA allowances/plans to supplement your retirement income.

Retirement should be something you look forward to, so it is vital that you are sure the pension provisions you have set in place are sufficient.

When was the last time you reviewed your pension arrangements? Please do not leave it until you are ready to retire.